Bećarac Square

    The new square will create new quality in space and form a space for the possibility of gathering a large number of citizens on outdoor events that have tradition in Pleternica.

    The square is conceived as a surface that rises steadily toward the west, thus forming a kind of amphitheater on the west side and a flat part for the performer and stage in the east. This auditorium can receive around 400 spectators.

    After a gradual climb on the west side of the square, the volume below the auditorium will accommodate the contents of the Bećarac Museum and the info center "World of Riesling". The sides of that elevated space are staggered to reduce the feeling of voluminosity. On the side edges of the auditorium there are big jars with greenery that protects users from falling and also "softens" the impression of a strong volume. The museum thus becomes present on the square with its roof facade forming the auditorium.

    The square itself is paved in such a way that the plastering of the pavement is associated with the parcel of the smallholding of agricultural surfaces viewed from the air. This raster will continue to shape the museum roof/auditorium itself. The raster will be emphasized by dividing the field of different color visible.

    On the flat surface of the square there is also the so-called wet zone - a fountain with water sprayers that will be switched on / off as needed / desired by the user.

    City of Pleternica
    Andrija Rusan & author group: NIkolina Mikuličić
    Petra Franić, Tomislav Marjanović
    Miloš Košanin
    public space / square
    under construction
    City of Pleternica