Hotel Bellevue Mali Lošinj

Hotel Bellevue is a reconstruction of an already existing hotel, designed by Zdravko Bregovac, that was built in 1966 when the building of tourist resorts was on the rise, triggered by the emergence of mass tourism. The renovated hotel respects its own atrium typology, but it also displays a contemporary touch with a newly designed passage that runs from the atrium to the sea. The new Bellevue reinterprets the delicacy of its ancestor by retaining calm and simple facades, while the interior shelters a new surroundings, distinct and picturesque.

In December 2013, one part of the old hotel was demolished; the event marked the official beginning of construction work. The first visitors came at the beginning of June 2014. The hotel was designed and constructed in seven months. Due to challenging deadlines, planning occurred together with building, some decisions were made at the construction site.

Mali Lošinj, Croatia
Andrija Rusan & autorska grupa: Jasminka Rusan, Nikolina Mikuličić, Tihomir Knezić
authorial collaboration
Janko Kralj, Petra Franić, Bruno Krunić, Lana Petrak, Lana Trobentar, Isabel Moreno Moreno, Mateja Nosil. Hotelske sobe- architecture and design: Amira Čaušević and authorial group Tatjana Bilek Žurić, Ljerka Kabelka, Nataša Škarić
gross floor area
35 000 m²
Jadranka hoteli d.o.o.