Rusan arhitektura won 1st prize in the competition for the solution of the monument on Papuk

The inspiration for the solution for the layout of the fallen soldiers memorial on Papuk is following the tragic event happened on 2 December 1991.

Veterans are metaphorically seen as verticals aiming to the sky and at the same time symbolizing their immortality and eternal memory of heroes. Each vertical is also the personification of individual veterans. The total of 11, are positioned on the plateau in two groups: 9 + 2 which suggest the chronology of events.
9 memorial verticals belongs to soldiers patrol that on that day had a task to transfer two employees of Detachment of the General Staff of the Croatian Army - Samobor: Vinko Tomašević, Davor Dragić, Tomo Perić, Tomislav Pranjković, Ivica Zlomislić, Branko Peći, Damir Pišmiš, te Tomislav Vužić Mohenski i Anđelko Tule and 2 verticals that are by its location separated from the rest belongs to two veterans who set out to help patrol when they heard gunshots: battalion by-commander Jozo Koutni i Tade Nikić. Between the two groups, there is a stand for laying a wreath and candles.

Just before the memorial verticals, there is a memorial plaque with the names of all veterans.
Admission is indicated by two markings on the road to the memorial on the east and west sides.